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      Single phase 220v to three-phase 380v ?frequency converter

      一、?Product introduction

      • Product Type: G Type (Input: 220V Output: 380V)
      • Product brand: NFlIXIN
      • Voltage level: input 220V, output 380V
      • Power rating: 0.75kw-22kw

      二、product features

      • Parameter setting is simple, wide range of speed.。
      • 380V motor without the need to change the line can be used directly.。
      • High performance torque vector inverter, low speed torque。
      • With wobble function, protection of mechanical torque limit function。
      • The circuit board has moisture-proof, dustproof, anti-mold three anti-paint treatment process.。
      • Have ?restore the factory parameters and previously set their own parameters。
      • Fast current limiting, flexible analog input and multiple sets of digital input。
      • Overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, overload, overheating and other protection functions, all aspects of the protection of your motor。
      • Commitment to the purchase of our permanent magnet synchronous drive Genius 12 months, life-long maintenance。


      • Input voltage: single-phase 220V Output voltage: three-phase 380V


      • Power selection must be greater than the motor power level at least one level.。
      • This product is a custom product, please contact us to determine the delivery period.
      • Please ?install under the protection of the technical staff.。

      五、Product picture